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FixitSME Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is FixitSME?

  • FixitSME is a business directory that perform responsive functions to it users, we network business to business and business to customer. Our strategic online campaigns place your business in front of those that need it, hence customers do not need to search further for your products or services, we place it at their fingertips.

Is registering my business free on FixitSME business directory?

  • Yes, registration is free using FixitSME platform. Here are the steps you need to follow: User is expected to Signup >> confirm his/her account through the email address summited >> Login by clicking on My Account >> Click on User Panel >> Create New Business.

Can I register more than one business on the platform?

  • Users are allowed to create businesses, presently there is no limit to the number of business you can create. However this privilege can be stopped by the Admin Team if user violates FixitSME Terms of Service.

Can I claim a business on the site?

  • Yes, User can claim a business that is similar to what he/she does or that is registered with his/her business profile. Follow these steps >> Click the “Claim the business” link at the right side of the business page >> Fill the "Claim Business" form >> Admin will revert to you >> Your business will be assigned ASAP (User must have confirm his/her FixitSME account).

Help, I am not getting signup confirmation mail.

  • Users are expected to receive their confirmation mail in their Inbox. However, if you don’t get it there please check your junk and spam.

How do I complain about a service provider/business?

  • Users and service seekers can complain about a business by clicking on the “report the business” link at the right side of the business page or the “Contact” link at the top of the business page.

Can FixitSME help me promote my business online?

  • Yes, our platform is designed to promote service providers, small and medium-sized businesses online through our series of social media marketing campaigns. Kindly send a mail to advert@fixitsme.com and FixitSME marketing team will revert to you.

I am unable to register my business, can FixitSME do that for me?

  • Users experiencing challenges registering their business on our platform are advice to send their business details to support@fixitsme.com. Details should include business name, business address (es), phone number, nature of business, brief description of business, social media link to your business (if available), business website (if available), operating time, business images and videos.

I need my business to Feature on FixitSME, what should I do?

  • This service is currently FREE. Interested business owners should send a mail to The Support Team, and your business will be activated for Feature package.

Why was my business deleted/unapproved/banned?

  • FixitSME is structured to protect our brand and users, we delete/ban activities that are not of economic values and have no business instincts.

I want to place my business on FixitSME advert banner?

  • FixitSME advert banner is offered as a monthly model giving access to users of business directory and business blog sections to see your business. Kindly, contact advert@fixitsme.com for a comprehensive breakdown of our fees.


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