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This edition reminds entrepreneurs’ favourite pill for motivation, preparing them for a new week filled with opportunities. Here are motivation pills for your quintessence:

Vol 16.9

Having the right mind-set brings forth productive week, word is life! It keeps you going, crossing hurdles, quenching fire and achieving much. Ponder on this edition of Before Monday titled Act Right Get Right, bookmark it, share it and act on its guiding principles to be the best on the job.

Love & Skill

“When Love And Skill Work Together Expect A Masterpiece”- Charles Recine

Where love resides, there is togetherness and where togetherness lives, a TEAM is created. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM), Business owners and team leaders have no option to drive business forward than to cause everyone to love the role he/she plays in every given task. Stunning success is buoyed when team members are absolutely committed to the business objectives. Care about your employees or team members, love them, show them you are concern about their personal needs and you will get the extraordinary ideas to grow and to achieve masterpiece.

Hate Burns Down

“Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat”- Harry Fosdick

Harry, a student of Columbia University and an author of 47 books is in a perfect role to enlighten us what love does and what comes out of hate. Why will you burn down a house just to get rid of a rat? Fruitless! Meet Demola, an employee in one of the leading banks in Nigeria was underperforming, his boss bawls at him often and this turns up further disappointing result. Until he had a new boss who held him on his hand and told him he’s best in the unit, the new boss encouraged him till his performance made his unit the most profitable unit in the bank within three months. Hate burns down, Love lights up. Holds out and pull your employee to greatness.

Wrapped Up

“If you are wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed”- Kate Halverson

Business owners who breakdown job tasks between employees or partners achieve more. Leaders should be knowledgeable about every operation within the organisation nevertheless assigning responsibility and overseeing what is being done make the business function better. Don’t get wrapped up with the job, breaking it down, delegate duties and oversee.

At The Front

“The listener is actually the person at the front and not the back”- Anonymous

Leaders are at the front, leading the business to greater height. One of the attributes of the person at the front is listening, open you heart to what others are saying as this will enhance your performance and make the work easier. Remember the word ‘LISTEN’ contains the same letter as ‘SILENT’. Listen and you’ll never walk alone.

Faithfulness In A Little Things

Hudson Taylor asserted “A little thing is a little thing but faithfulness in a little thing is a great thing”

When we continuously keep faith in what we are doing we evolve and achieve more. Little ants can collapse a great mansion, little Mark Zuckerberg was only 19 years old when he started Facebook, little Pele was only 17 years old when he won the world cup with the Brazilian team, little Magnus Carslen became a chess grandmaster at the tender age of 13. Be faithful with what you do and you’ll become the best in that.


Let’s build our team with these guiding principles. Start your Monday by writing out and acting on these attributes to make your team members the best at what they do for you and the business. Try these, Listen thrice, Think twice and act once.

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