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Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world.

Orange is a citrus fruit belonging in the Rutaceae family, of the genus which is often peeled and eaten fresh, though other eat without peeling because the peels contain many volatile oil glands in pits, some love it as juice. It related species of oranges include pomelo, tangerine (mandarin orange), yuzu, lemon, and grapefruit Juicy orange fruit contains an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals for normal growth and development and overall well-being.


Oranges have a wealth of nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A precursors, calcium, potassium and pectin.

Orange is the world’s third favourite flavour after chocolate and vanilla.

Though oranges are highly acidic fruits and may contribute to increased acidity in the gastrointestinal system. The potassium in oranges can also negatively affect people who suffer from kidney failure. Oranges offer a number of health benefits, including improvements to the immune system, memory, sleep quality, fat absorption and energy levels.

Orange fruit is low in calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol

Oranges are rich in citrus limonoids, proven to help fight a number of varieties of cancer including that of the skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon. According to two studies in Japan eating mandarin oranges reduces liver cancer. This may be due in part to vitamin A compounds known as carotenoids. Oranges are full of vitamin C, which protects cells by neutralizing free radicals, which cause chronic diseases, like cancer and heart disease.

Studies show that the abundance of polyphenols in oranges protects against viral infections. Oranges are full of dietary fibre which stimulates digestive juices and relieves constipation. Oranges are rich in carotenoid compounds which are converted to vitamin A and help prevent macular degeneration.

Oranges contain very good levels of vitamin A, for maintaining healthy mucus membranes, skin and essential for healthy vision


Insecticide is sprayed over most orange crops so it is important to, at the very least, wash the oranges in cold running water before use, or even better, wash them in a fruit and vegetable rinse. Organic oranges do not have these chemicals and are best suited for zest preparation.

Fresh oranges have bright colour, no wrinkles on the skin and feel heavy for their size.


It is simple to eat a fresh orange anytime or anywhere. Making fresh orange juice at home is easy and much better than commercial drinks that may contain preservatives and artificial colouring. You can make an orange juice by soften the orange, slice the orange in half and remove the seeds, use mixer or blender to juice the orange, add pulp of your choice and drink up!


With the aforementioned benefits and deficiencies you are opined to consume oranges in moderation, pairing them with other healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains to ensure a balanced diet.

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