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  Dec 29, 2016     FixitSME Admin  

Social media is not a fad rather it is the latest trend everyone wants to be involve, individuals, businesses, large organizations are shifting to this trend to stay connect with their audience.

Social media has become one of the major marketing tools to meet your numerous audience, who are not attracted to the older means of communication such as newspaper, magazine, poster, flyer, banner and many others. Socialnomics states that 70% of people skip billboard, radio and TV advert, in addition report has it that 80% of elites get the latest news on social media before seeing it on TV, another report has it that only 18% of TV campaigns generate positive marketing returns on investment (MROI) isn’t it time you change?

The advent of social media has change the way people see an organization and its management. Buyer’s trust and interest is built using an online marketing strategies which place what to buy (the products and service) in front of who is buying (customer or prospects) and at where they meet (online virtual community). Social media sites allow for target marketing.

Here are 5 reasons you need a social media campaign for your business:


Products like NANs, Diapers and Human hairs are needed by female, likewise products such as building materials, tiles, bricks etc. are needed mostly by individuals between the ages 21 to 45 who need to acquire properties. Social media give sellers a demography knowledge of who their audience are, social media helps business talk to their target market.

Business can target an online community for their advert, for example a medics company will prefer to place advert on websites that talk about health, and sport bet company places theirs on websites that talk sport, business owners place their business on business directory sites such as FixitSME and Yell. This ensures that you place your products and services in front of those that needs it.


Business owners are tired of making intuitive business decision, they desire to have an idea of the reach of their advertisement and the effect on sales immediately and thereafter. Online marketing makes measurement simple, the audiences are known (name, mobile number etc.), their location (where they live), age, gender, social class etc.

These data make it easy to attract, inform and retain our customers, thereby creating a better avenue for classification and fact based decisions.


Customers want to speak to the company about their products or services for example, a bank’s customer want to know about some activities on his/her account, opening time and many other information. Customer want to get these information without stepping out of their comfort areas such as home, office or when they are not within the country.

Social media campaign creates two-way conversation interface that allows buyers (customers) talk to the sellers (business owner), hereby giving direct feedback and satisfaction to both parties.


Whatever goes online remains there forever for users to find and see at anytime, anywhere using any internet enable device, readers can from their comfort areas read about a news, event or brand whenever they wish to. They know that the information are there for them to review when they wish.

Unlike the traditional media such as newspaper, poster, flyer, radio, TV etc. all of these media have their limitations such as readers might not notice the advert page on newspaper, poster might not interest the reader as at when sighted, flyer can easily get missing or use as trash, you can miss the radio and TV ads. -these are common excuses! Distinctively, you can see your post of last year on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and WeChat.


Though advertisement is an investment, business owners need to prepare a comparative analysis while spending to advertise. If same value can be obtained with two options business owner should opt for the option that is cost effective.

The cost of placing advert on TV and radio are higher when compared with social media campaign. The ordeals of getting APCON certification and time required to move from one TV station to another does not exist for social media campaign. Social media campaign makes ad placement quick and easier.

US top 500 leading merchants use social media – Social-Media Examiner

May I ask? How do you feel when you start to see advertisement of your competitors on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, FixitSME and BBM? There is no question you MUST start advertising on these platforms too, after it is proven that your audience are there. This is because if you are seeing the advertisement, it is 100% likely your current customer are seeing the ads too.

Social media marketing will place your brand at the summit where your competitors are and it allows you gain a better portion of the market before competitors wake up. Signup and create an online business page now?

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